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Fulfilling your Responsibilities as an Employer: Health and Safety in the Modern Age

found photo: business leaders Although there remains considerable room for caution, the UK economic outlook is continuing to bloom. Despite a surprise deficit being announced in July, public borrowing is down considerably from 2012 and driving a more positive and sustainable course of economic growth. This is good news for businesses, especially those that have developed a strong infrastructure and are ready to evolve into a rebounding market. It is crucial that businesses are in a position to capitalise on improving economic Read more [...]

Establishing yourself as an Independent Contractor: 3 Tips to Launch your Career

Self-employed According to technology giants Intuit, 40 percent of the U.S. workforce will be self-employed or operating as independent contractors by the year 2020. This is part of a global trend that is also prevalent in the UK, as British employees are also beginning to understand the benefits of freelancing in a weak and unstable labour market. While the Great Recession heralded the dawn of the accidental entrepreneur, the current breed of independent workers are operating out of choice rather than sheer necessity. How Read more [...]

The Distribution Issues Facing Online Businesses and how to Resolve Them

A rising number of online sales are conducted through the m-commerce medium, as mobile devices become increasingly synonymous with product referencing and shopping. While the way in which consumers review and purchase goods may be evolving, however, online businesses are still driven by the fundamental e-commerce model established at the turn of the century. This poses a host of tried and trusted issues for online businesses, however, most of which revolve around the shipment of consumer Read more [...]

The wide and varied role of the Company Secretary

CS Student Contrary to the implications of the title, being a Company Secretary has nothing directly to do with booking meetings and maintaining diaries. However, the job is the most important administrative role in any company and a role that is required by law. Whether there is someone in a company who is titled Company Secretary or not, the duties they perform must be carried out in order to fulfil the requirements of Companies law. Those duties are varied and extensive, including maintenance of the companys Read more [...]

How Businesses Can Improve Their Cash Flow

English: Table 6: Example of a cash flow calcu... For many businesses, cash flow can often become a problem. This is especially true for small businesses, as they have less cash at their disposal than the large corporations do. In slow times this can pose a real problem for many small businesses. However, there are steps a business can take to improve their cash flow. Customer Discounts for Early Payments One way a business can improve their cash flow is to give discounts to any customer who pays their invoice earlier than they were required Read more [...]