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The Benefits of Investing Property Management: Affording yourself the Gift of Time

Landlord? While growth in the UK property market has provided opportunities to aspiring vendors, the dynamics of the current economy make it difficult for those who wish to purchase their first home. With larger deposits required and more stringent lending regulations in place, it is little wonder that the average age of first-time home buyers has risen to 36 in Scotland. This makes it a sellers and landlords market, as the the opportunities for growth lie predominantly with existing property owners. The Read more [...]

Applying for a Mortgage: Tips for First-Time Buyers

Finance Whisper it quietly, but the UK may be on the verge of a long term economic recovery. This is being driven by a resurgent real estate market, as mortgage lending in the UK rose to its highest level since the beginning of the financial crisis during July. Not only does this represent a 12 percent increase on June's figures, but it also highlights a staggering 29 percent increase on the corresponding numbers from 12 months ago. Applying for a Mortgage: How to Succeed as a First-Time Buyer With Read more [...]

The Art of Conveyancing: Tips for the Discerning Home-Owner

"Angela Viney Conveyancing Services"... In its most simple terms, conveyancing refers to the transference of real estate deeds from one owner to another. This simple definition does not do justice to the complexities involved, however, as the process of conveyancing can delay your move and in some instances even undermine your dreams of purchasing a brand new property. It was recently reported that more than 28 percent of all UK property sales fall through before contracts are exchanged, and issues surrounding conveyancing are a key cause Read more [...]

For Once, the Housing Market Comes to Our Rescue

We all know what a tough several years it has been for the UK economy. It seemed that the bad news just would not stop, ever since the economy slid into a painful recession back in 2008. While no one factor or situation was to blame, there is no doubt that almost everyone in the country has felt the pangs for the last several years. Most economists agree that international and external factors are mostly to blame for the situation that we find ourselves in. As the UK economy is so closely connected Read more [...]

Why are Real Estate Agencies Beneficial

Real estate is one of the most important sectors in the economy. People these days go for real estate because of the numerous benefits it has to offer them in the long run. It is important to contact real estate agencies in order to get the best real estate deals there are out there. Individuals are known to commit a lot of times in the present time and in order to attain a real estate property; a direct contact with the real estate agencies is required. People are suggested to spend a healthy amount Read more [...]