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Applying for a Mortgage: Tips for First-Time Buyers

Finance Whisper it quietly, but the UK may be on the verge of a long term economic recovery. This is being driven by a resurgent real estate market, as mortgage lending in the UK rose to its highest level since the beginning of the financial crisis during July. Not only does this represent a 12 percent increase on June's figures, but it also highlights a staggering 29 percent increase on the corresponding numbers from 12 months ago. Applying for a Mortgage: How to Succeed as a First-Time Buyer With Read more [...]

How To Solve Short-Term Financial Woes

Self Employment Tax Form - Schedule SE There is nothing worse than being short on cash. If you are having money troubles, what can you do to increase your cash flow? A few options that you have available to you include getting a second job, selling some of your assets or applying for instants loans that can put money in your bank account right away. Should You Seriously Consider Taking Out A Loan? Having access to credit is a good thing if you have a bill that absolutely has to be paid right away. However, you have to consider that Read more [...]