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Why the Filthy Rich Continue to Work

Bill Gates at the World Economic Forum ,2007. A successful career defines an individuals personal and social status and is not done for purely financial gain. Millionaires, multimillionaires and billionaires float above financial worries like a piata that most would happily hit with the biggest stick they could find, until their money or knowledge rains down on us. For most people, 1 percent of the brazenly excessive bank balances of the top 1 percent would be enough to call a day on work and say Thanks, but Im not coming into work today, Read more [...]

Online Payday Advance Loans: Myth vs. Reality

Online payday loans are a question to many. People often discuss the merits and demerits. However, there are number of myths that are spoken of while such discussions take place. Let us discuss a few couple of those myths. Myth: The interest rates are exorbitant for payday advance loans Online payday loans have an average of 15 percent interest rate for a fortnight time. For every $100 borrowed, you will have to pay $15 as a fee or rate of interest to the lending company. The misleading factor that Read more [...]

Get Easy Money Through Payday Loans

Payday loans are the perfect ways to get rid of a cash strapped condition. We guess you are already familiar with the hassles that one has to go through while trying to get a loan approved by a bank. You can escape all these troubles by availing payday loans. We are quite happy to let you know that most common people love to enjoy the benefit of this loan when they lack the required financial liquidity. Availing a payday loan has become a popular way to reduce the debt burden. This is why this cash Read more [...]

Are There Other Options That Could Be Considered Alongside Payday Loans?

A lot of times you will see people debating on the internet about various forms of loans and trying to prove one type of loan better than another. This debate can never see an end result because different people have different circumstances and of course different minds too. They take care of their matters their way and there is no way you could make every being on this earth think the same way. Some things work for one person but do no good to another person and the cycle goes on. However, if you Read more [...]

5 Tips For Balancing Your Economy

Actually, it is very important to learn a bit about money management and economics. The moment you reach your adult life, it is very important to learn the basics of financial management because you’ll need to live all your life earning money and saving money. If the balance between earning money and saving money and spending money is not maintained in a proper way, your life will definitely see a financial crisis. Unfortunately, none of our teachers or elders gave us enough training in this particular Read more [...]