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Fleet Management Advice for Small Businesses: Consolidating Growth in 2013

If you are a small business owner in the UK, you will no doubt be benefiting from the sudden and unexpected growth levels that have gripped the British economy. Clearly, there is a window of opportunity for firms who wish to expand, and while this may be limited it is something that could not have been foreseen at the turn of the year. It is therefore something that should be capitalised on, regardless of your long term growth plans or the financial resources that are at your disposal. Fleet Management Read more [...]

Top 5 Tips for Paying Off Your Home Mortgage Early

Mortgage If you resorted to taking out a bank loan in order to afford to buy your house, do not despair. The vast majority of all homeowners could only get through the process thanks to a mortgage, and it's definitely nothing to be ashamed about. But it is quite the expense to deal with every single month. And the most frustrating part is that for the first several years, or even as much as a decade of time you are making payments, you are simply contributing to the accrued interest. That's why so many mortgage Read more [...]

Credit monitoring service – Should you opt for it or should you not?

Credit monitoring basically means that a service provider with whom you have signed up will take responsibility of keeping track of your financial reports more rightly called the credit report. And if there are any changes observed in them, the same will be notified to you. Although few are of the opinion that opting for this service can be useful, few think otherwise. They think, it is just wastage of money if you opt for their credit monitoring service. If you are of the opinion that you would Read more [...]

The Most And Least Expensive Cars To Insure

2007_bmw_m6_cabriolet Car insurance can be difficult and sometimes irritating to obtain. However, have you ever wondered what vehicles cost the most to insure? How about the cars that cost the least to insure? Let’s take a look at some facts. The Most Expensive Cars To Insure Are you looking for different ways to cut costs and save money each month on car insurance? If you are, then step one is to stay away from small, fast cars. You may believe that owning a smaller car could potentially save you money, but you’d Read more [...]

5 Benefits of Studying Finance for College Students

StudentReadingLeaflet-Cropped-425x265 Finance is one of those subjects that should be taught all the way back in primary school. Not advanced finance, of course, but just the basics. If more people learned how to balance their checkbooks and pay off their debts, instead of learning the complexities of obscure wars that happened hundreds of years ago, perhaps our current generation and future generations would be better off financially. There are also a number of other advantages of studying finance that go way beyond our own personal Read more [...]